Pokemon GO Introducing Regice Legendary to Raid Battles

The next Legendary Pokemon that has arrived to Pokemon GO is Regice from the Hoenn region. The other two “Regi” Legendary Pokemon, Regirock and Registeel, will also make an appearance later on in the summer. You’ll have until Jul 19th to fight Regice in the Raid Battles.

Pokemon GO Introducing Regice Legendary to Raid Battles
Pokemon GO Introducing Regice Legendary to Raid Battles

Niantic has reached into the well of Legendary Pokemon once again for the Pokemon GO legendary year, as they call it. The latest one they have plucked out of there is Regice. The Legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region has arrived to the game on June 21st, so you can already catch it out there in the wild. It’s pretty powerful, and has a strong defense, according to the announcement post on the Pokemon Go website. However, it’s vulnerable to Steel-, Fire-, Rock-, and Fighting-type attacks. So, make sure to choose your loadout of Pokemon carefully before jumping into the battle. If you have other Legendaries with any of those attacks, be sure to whip them out. You’ll have until July 19th to defeat and capture yourself a Regice.

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Regice comes to Pokemon GO right after the end of the Water Festival. If you participated in the festival, you might have caught a significant amount of various Water Pokemon. Which will all, unfortunately be completely useless against Regice. However, they might come in handy with the later Legendary Pokemon. For those of you that are wondering about Registeel and Regirock, don’t you worry. Niantic is going to be bringing the two Legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region into the game later on during the summer. Basically, this is going to be a summer of Regi. Somehow, I doubt that the phrase is going to catch on, but oh well. Either way, make sure that you’re adequately prepared for when Regice launches!

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