Is Shaymin Available in Pokemon GO 2022

The Pokemon franchise has been going on for a long, long time. Its popularity is, in large part, down to the many Pokemon that you can interact, battle with, and catch. Since Generation I, many new Pokemon have been introduced. Shaymin is one such Pokemon. It is a Grass-type Mythical Pokemon native to the Sinnoh region. For a while now, Pokemon GO players have been wondering whether or not Shaymin is coming to the game. In this guide, we are going to answer the question of is Shaymin finally going to be available in Pokemon GO in 2022. Read on to learn the answer.

Is Shaymin Available in Pokemon GO 2022

Can Shaymin be Caught in Pokemon GO 2022

Currently, there is no way to catch a Shaymin in Pokemon GO. At least, not yet, that is. The reason for this is that this Pokemon hasn’t arrived to the game yet. Though, that is going to change very soon. Shaymin is set to get its Pokemon GO debut during Go Fest 2022. Taking place at the beginning of June 2022, this is going to be the only way to get your hands on Shaymin – at least for now.

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To be able to play this event, you will need to purchase a ticket for it. You can already do that now, as the tickets can be bought from the in-game store and cost $14.99. This ticket will allow you access to Special Research during this event. Once you successfully complete this research, you will then receive an encounter with a Shaymin. More specifically, a Land Forme Shaymin. This is a guaranteed encounter, so you don’t have to worry about it running away. Just be sure that you have enough PokeBalls and you should be able to catch it. We still don’t know whether or not it is going to be available in Shiny version, and there is still no confirmation about its Sky Forme.

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