Lapras spawn locations in Pokemon Go

The Lapras spawn is a mystery to many Pokemon go trainers. They are one of the rarest top tier Pokémon in the game.
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Some correlate it with water, but some trainers say that it does not always spawn near water and certainly that it does not go into the water.

According to the latest information, their spawn location may have have been tracked down. There are a lot of trainers that have been discussing the frequent spawn points over the Internet, and they have shared key characteristics across the world for the Lapras spawn.

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Where do Lapras spawn?

It has been said that in Hong Kong there is a spawn site with numerous Lapras hotspots. According to some trainers from Hong Kong, they mentioned the spawn of this Pokemon is associated with the electric biome that is close to the coastal areas. It is not as frequent as regular water biomes. And since there are a lot of Lapras hotspots in Hong Kong, these areas are all found by the water.

According to them these frequent spawns include: Magnemite and magneton, Voltorb and electrode, Meowth, Shellder and Seel. In Hong Kong, there is a hotspot in a coastal shopping mall (and it goes around 5 to 10 spawns per hour). There are also at least a 100 people per day camping this area. This area is full of water spawns and some regular city spawn points. Although there are still water spawn points, these Lapras hot spot areas are also electric biomes.

Are you having trouble catching this Pokemon, too? You can also try and check out the reddit section where this heated discussion is happening and maybe help some other trainers with your own experience. Of course, see the latest news about the Pokemon GO spawn location changes that are happening in the Pokemon world.

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