Pokemon Go Egg Changes for Eevee, Zubat, Rattata & Pidgey

Pokemon GO is going through more and more changes. Niantic surprised us with some more news regarding the improved Pokemon Go game play, because they have revealed further improvements when it comes to eggs and spawns changes in the game.
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We have some news for all the trainers about Zubat, Rattata, Pidgey and Eevee.

First, hatching pidgeys and rattatas from 2 km eggs was a standard. Now, Niantic made an announcement that pidgey and rattata will no longer be candidates for Pokemon that hatch from eggs. They had the highest percentage rate of hatching from an egg after a 2 km session. There is also a chance that the trio of zubat, rattata and pidgey spawns less while the player is walking around.

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Eevee egg distance

It has been noticed that Eevee’s egg distance has dropped to 5 km, as 10 km was previously required to hatch Eevee. So far the distance that you had to go to and try to get Eevee was a long walk, but now that distance is half of the trouble.

All this may also mean that spawn rate of other Pokemon will increase. Niantic confirmed that other Pokemon will replace the trio of zubat, rattata and pidgey. Maybe they will have to replace them with weedle, meowth or drowzee. Also, there is a possibility that Niantic will decide to change the spawns of Pokemon every month.

Since all these changes happened in the last couple of days, we are wondering what Niantic has in the store for us next. The addition of daily quests to the game (which is not live at this moment but it will be soon). Also a very crazy and successful Halloween event is behind us. And the update that battles GPS Spoofers is live already. It is nice to see that a company is taking care of their game and their players long after the release.

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