Mew Evolution into Mewtwo Pokemon, Can Mew Evolve?

Can Mew evolve into Mewtwo in Pokemon GO and other Pokemon games? At first glance, it seems logical, given their shared prefix in the name. However, that doesn’t necessarily need to mean anything in Pokemon games, as there might have been other reasons for a shared name. Read on as we explain everything you need to know about the Pokemon Mew evolution.

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Mew Evolution into Mewtwo Pokemon, Can Mew Evolve?
Pokemon GO Mew Evolution

Mew Evolution into Mewtwo in Pokemon, Can Mew Evolve?

So, let’s not beat around the bush here and cut straight to the chase. Mew Evolution into Mewtwo, is it possible or not? No, the answer is no. You can not evolve Mew in Pokemon GO. The Mythical Pokémon Mew and the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo are not evolutions. Rather, they are a duo. Mewtwo was cloned from Mew. However, they are not evolutions of each other.

At the time of writing, Mew doesn’t have any known evolutions either in Pokemon GO or in any other Pokemon media. If that changes at any moment, we will make sure to update our article with new information.

Does Mewtwo Evolve in Pokemon?

Just like Mew, Mewtwo also doesn’t have any known evolutions. However, Mewtwo can Mega Evolve into either Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y. Mega Mewtwo Y is a smaller and more lightweight form. It doesn’t have the characteristic long tail and tube around the neck. However, a long, purple appendage grows from behind its neck.

The Mega Mewtwo X is its bulkier form, with a larger body, and bigger, pointy horns. The legs of this variation are longer but thinner. “Its tail is slightly shorter and stiffer than before and has a curled tip,” explains Bulbapedia. “Its muscles are augmented with psychic power, giving it a grip strength of one ton and the ability to sprint 100 meters in two seconds. When using moves in battle, it is shown to be able to stretch its arms and legs.”

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