Pokemon GO Nihilego Counters, Best Moveset & Weakness

Knowing what the best counters, moveset and weakness of Nihilego in Pokemon GO are going to be valuable knowledge, especially from November 23rd to December 1st, 2022. That’s when this Pokemon is going to be starring in five-star Raids. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide, in which we’ll give you all the information you are going to need.

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pokemon go nihilego counters best moveset & weakness
Pokemon GO Nihilego Counters, Best Moveset & Weakness

Pokemon GO Nihilego Counters & Weakness

Before we discuss its moveset, we need to pin down the best counters for Nihilego in Pokemon GO, as well as its weakness. Well, it has several weaknesses, but the biggest one are Ground attacks. It takes 256% damage from those. Alternatively, you can go with Steel, Water or Psychic, which deal 160% damage. Avoid Flying, Normal, Bug, Fairy, Fire and especially Poison attacks. With all of that said, here’s a list of counters that should work a dream against Nihilego, in no particular order.

  • Excadrill with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
  • Therian Landrous with Mud Shot and Earthquake
  • Incarnate Landrous with Mud Shot and Earth Power
  • Garchomp with Mud Shot and Earth Power
  • Rhyperior with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
  • Groudon with Mud Shot and Earthquake
  • Shadow Golem with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
  • Rhydon with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
  • Golurk (Shadow or regular) with Mud-Slap and Earth Power
  • Mamoswine (Shadow or regular) with Mud-Slap and Bulldoze

Pokemon GO Nihilego Best Moveset

So, now that we know what the best counters and weakness to exploit are, let’s cover the best moveset for Nihilego in Pokemon GO. This Pokemon is technically a Rock / Poison combo, but I recommend going with a full Poison Build. That means you should take Poison Jab as the Quick Move and Sludge Bomb as the Charged Attack. Alternatively, go for Acid as the Quick Attack.

Now, of course, you’re free to go with whatever build suits your needs best. Nihilego can have one more Quick Attack, and that’s Pound (Normal). As for the Charged Attacks, it can also have Gunk Shot (Poison), Rock Slide (Rock), or Power Gem (Rock).

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