Pokemon GO Overheating Phones, Causing App to Freeze

Pokemon GO trainers have never really been strangers to toasty phones. The summer heat only made the problem worse, but it seemed to fix itself once fall came. Now, however, reports of phones overheating while playing Pokemon GO so badly that the app freezes have begun again. Whether or not the new update is responsible, we still don’t know.

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Pokemon GO Overheating Phones, Causing App to Freeze
Pokemon GO Overheating Phones, Causing App to Freeze

On the Silph Road subreddit, Reddit user R3-1D3-1 posted about Pokemon GO causing his iPhone to overheat. In their words, the phone starts to feel hot in ten minutes. It’s enough to just open the Pokedex and start scrolling quickly.

Trainers started to reply with their own overheating problems, and it seems that the problem is spread wider than expected. Both Android and iOS users have been experiencing the same issue, even to the point of ruining phones completely. Best case scenario, the app starts to lag or freeze. Yours truly had also noticed this, but thought it was just my imagination. However, a lot of people are dealing with it in some very interesting DIY ways.

Some redditors appear to be putting their phones into freezers before things like mass evolving. Others have to contend with holding their phones in front of their AC units. Someone even suggested placing your phone into a cup and placing said cup into a cup holder in front of your car’s AC. I would like to take this moment say that we can’t recommend any of the cooling strategies. Don’t blame us if your phone gets messed up.

Nobody’s sure what’s causing this overheating, but it could have something to do with the new update that came out two weeks ago. Of course, having a lower-grade phone or a shoddy battery might be the cause in some cases, but not all. It might be that the new update has a lot of little things working in the background to protect the app. If that’s the case, there’s no helping it.

Have you been experiencing any overheating while playing Pokemon GO? What do you think is causing it? Tell us in the comments!

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