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Pokemon GO and Niantic, in the most recent update 0.43.4 for Android and 1.13.4 for iOS, seem to have targeted the botting community. One of the biggest problems in any game, cheaters, are very active in this application also, and they have been a menace to the Pokemon world ever since the game released.
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The update by itself doesn’t really change that much in the game, and it is mostly affecting cosmetic parts of the application, but it is nonetheless welcome because it is addressing the issue that is the number one problem for any true gamer anywhere.

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Niantic targets GPS spoofers

As soon as the Pokemon GO players discovered that you could spoof your location on Android, a large amount of the available fake location apps appeared available for download. In the beginning “GPS Spoofing” (as it is called) was not that hard to do, as you only have to trick your GPS that you are actually moving. Later on, “spoofers” had to start using many additional apps, root their phones and cheat Google into thinking that they are actually moving.

Now, players who GPS Spoof noticed that, from this update on, they would receive tons of errors and problems. The problems come in a vast range of error types, some of them being network issues, simple errors when doing gym battles, or errors while catching Pokemon. Now, even Twitch is banning streamers for GPS Spoofing, showing that botting will not be tolerated in any way.

Early into release these GPS Spoofers were seen taking all of the gyms, leaving new players no chance to even try and compete with them. They had an opportunity to boost their level much faster than the regular player, as the amount of real playing needed for leveling in one week, they could finish in a day. Finally, Niantic saw the problem and took a stand against the people who are ruining their great game.

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