Gwent Closed Beta Currency Guide

Gwent closed Beta uses in-game currency for crafting cards and buying card kegs. This means you can earn Gwent cards by winning matches and leveling your account.
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Of course, you can expand your card collection quicker by spending real money on card kegs. In this guide, we’ll give you a breakdown of how the currencies work and how much they’re worth.

Currency Guide For Gwent Closed Beta

Gwent Closed Beta Currencies

There are two important in-game currencies in Gwent that you can earn by playing. The first one is Ore. Ore is used to buy card kegs. The second one is Scraps. Scraps are used for crafting cards.

How to earn Gwent Ore

There are various ways you can get Ore in Gwent. The first way is leveling your account. Every time you win a match, you gain experience. At certain checkpoints, you will receive a reward. Depending on the checkpoint, you can earn up to 15 Ore. You will also get bonus Ore when you reach a full level.

The second way to earn Ore is by getting the Good Game (or Gwent Game) reward from your opponent at the end of a match. This can net you 5 Ore.

The price of one card keg is 100 Ore.

How to earn Gwent Scraps

You can earn Scraps in several ways as well. The first one is account leveling. As with the Ore, certain checkpoints during the level-up will net you up to 15 Scraps.

The second method is the Good Game reward after the match. You can get 5 Scraps that way.

The third and most interesting way is milling cards. When you open Card Kegs, you’ll inevitably get duplicates. The more you open, the more extras you’ll have. The endgame plan here is milling them for Scraps. You’ll get different amounts of Scraps depending on the type of card you get rid of. You can find in the table below how many Scraps you can get from different cards.

Card TypeNo. of Scraps
Common Card5 Scraps
Common Premium Card25 Scraps
Rare Card10 Scraps
Rare Premium Card50 Scraps
Epic Card50 Scraps
Epic Premium Card200 Scraps
Legendary Card200 Scraps
Legendary Premium Card800 Scraps

Crafting Cards and Scraps amounts

After you farm up your Scraps, you can start crafting them. Of course, different amounts of Scraps will give you different cards. The exact crafting values are in the following table.

Card TypeNo. of Scraps
Common Card30 Scraps
Common Premium Card200 Scraps
Rare Card80 Scraps
Rare Premium Card400 Scraps
Epic Card200 Scraps
Epic Premium Card800 Scraps
Legendary Card800 Scraps
Legendary Premium Card1600 Scraps

Buying Card Kegs in Gwent Closed Beta

Opening a card keg grants you four cards and you get to pick your fifth one out of three cards. The game guarantees that at least one card will be Rare, Epic or Legendary. as mentioned above, one card keg costs 100 Ore. However, you can purchase kegs with real life money. Here’s how much they cost.

2 kegs$2.69
7 kegs$8.99
15 kegs$17.99
40 kegs$44.99
60 kegs$62.99
Redditor Noxious_HS made a very in-depth analysis of the Gwent Scraps currency and the value of kegs and cards after opening 250 kegs, 240 of which he bought. According to his post, to craft the full card set, you would need around 63090 Scraps. After going through all of the kegs he was still missing some 28 Legendary cards. Based on the batch he opened, about 436 kegs would be necessary to collect the rest of the cards just by milling. He also calculated that the average keg is worth about 50 milled Scraps.

This concludes our Gwent Currency Guide for the closed Beta. What are your experiences? Which goodies did you get in your card kegs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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