Pokemon GO Pichu Egg Hatch - How Far Do You Have To Walk

Pokemon GO has finally introduced some new Pokemon. Unfortunately, the latest update wasn’t exactly an explosion of Gen 2 Pokemon as we’ve hoped, but we have two new Baby Pokemon to hatch – Pichu and Togepi.
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Now, trainers everywhere are wondering what it takes to get the latest additions to the Pokedex. So, let’s talk about the Pokemon GO Pichu egg hatch – how far do you have to walk. Sadly, we don’t have reliable info on how to hatch Togepi. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we figure it out, however.

Pokemon GO Pichu Egg Hatch - How Far Do You Have To Walk

How To Hatch Pichu in Pokemon GO

At long last, we got a small glimpse into what awaits us with Gen 2 Pokemon. A very, very small taste. Two tiny nibbles, in fact. Really, all we got is the ability to hatch two new Baby Pokemon – Pichu and Togepi. Still, that’s something to get excited about. Now, the question remains – how do we obtain these two newcomers and complete our suddenly lacking Pokedex? Unfortunately, we don’t know what kind of egg you need to hatch Togepi, but we do have info about Pichu.

Pichu hatches from a five-kilometer egg, simple as that. If you’ve collected a five-kilometer egg from a PokeStop after the update went live, you have a shot at hatching a Pichu. Speaking of which, many are wondering whether there’s a chance to receive new Pokemon from eggs that they got before the update. The answer to that, it seems, is no. The same probably goes for Togepi. You only have a shot at the new Pokemon after you collect a post-update egg.

Also, it does seem that you have a higher chance at hatching a certain Pokemon if the PokeStop that gives you the egg is close to the native biome of said Pokemon. To untangle my previous sentence: If you want to maximize your chances to get a Pichu, shake the egg from a PokeStop near an Electric Biome. Now get out there into the crisp winter air, and happy hunting!

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