Battlefield 1 Upcoming patch Giant’s Shadow Map

New Battlefield 1 update will be released on Tuesday, December 13th across all platforms. We can expect various fixes and improvements, as well as a brand new map called Giant’s Shadow based on the battle of the Selle in 1918. If you preordered the game, or you own the Premium pack, you will be able to play the new map on the 13th of December. If you only own the standard version of the game, you will have to wait for December 20th. This map is a part of the free update and it will be available for all Battlefield players.

Battlefield 1 Upcoming patch Giants Shadow MapHere are some known fixes and improvements:
  • The support class will try their hand at a new gadget called Grenade Crossbow. As the name implies, you will be able to launch multiple grenades from your crossbow to devastate your enemies.
  • Spectator mode will be implemented. You will be able to switch between first and third person view or even get a bird’s eye view of the action. This is great news for many youtubers and content creators.
  • The Standard Issue Rifles game option. With this option turned on, all players will only have their faction-specific rifle available. For example, the British Army will only be using the SMLE MKIII etc. This game mode is designed to reflect the real WW1 experience in the game. Weapons will not be equipped with optics.
  • Shotguns will also be balanced in different ways, since some of them are a bit overpowered. Buckshot variants of the M97 Trench Gun, Model 10-A, and Sawed-Off Shotgun will have their effective range reduced for balancing purposes.
  • We can also expect some minor fixes such as syringe cooldown, sprinting, spawning into a Landship and many more. We will post the full patch notes once they are officially released.
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