Pokemon Go Starbucks Leak Details: Generation 2 Pokemon

The now infamous Pokemon Go Starbucks leak has gotten more details and we might even be looking at the introduction of Generation 2 Pokemon. The joint event between Starbucks and Pokemon Go will turn most Starbucks stores into PokeStops and Gyms, and trainers will be able to find Pokemon Go Frappucinos in the game.
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We can also expect the introduction of Shiny and Rare Pokemon to the game.

Pokemon Go Starbucks Leak Details Generation 2 Pokemon

Pokemon Go and Starbucks Event, Gen 2 Pokemon

Pokemon Go and Starbucks are launching a joint event starting Thursday, December 8th. Thanks to images leaked by a Starbucks employee, we know a bit more about what’s going to happen. Basically, pretty much every Starbucks in the USA will become a PokeStop and/or Gym for the duration of the event. Only a few didn’t fulfill Niantic’s requirements. Additionally, players will be able to find a new item both in the game and in the real-life store: The Pokemon Go Frappucino. The leaked email even gives instructions to store managers on how to handle the increase in traffic that this event will doubtlessly bring.

Niantic haven’t commented on the situation yet, but the source does seem pretty legit. During this event, there’ll be a massive surge in PokeStops in the USA. Obviously, this means more item drops for trainers, as well as a good place to warm up. I mean, it’s not fun catching Pokemon in winter weather. Trust me, I tried. It’s also possible that we’ll see a new update to the game During the event. Since we know that dataminers have found code to about 100 new Pokemon that are waiting to be activated, we might even get to see them! Nobody really knows how long the happening will last. However, the leaked email does specify “while supplies last”.

This is all very exciting on its own. And to cement the rumors about Generation 2 Pokemon appearing in the game, dataminers have found another interesting tidbit. The latest update to the game was just “minor text updates”. However, words like SHINY and RARE seem to pop up in the code. This is a more than clear signal that Generation 2 is coming our way. Get ready to hunt!

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