Pokemon Go Gothita Spotlight Hour - Shiny Gothita October 2021

Every week Pokemon Go turns its spotlight hour on one Pokemon, and this October 2021 Gothita and its shiny Gothita variant are the focus. For one hour every week, increased spawn rates mean more of one Pokemon type. This Halloween month has focused on spooky ghost Pokemon. With more around comes the increased chance to catch a rare variant. Read on as we give the details for the October 2021 Pokemon Go Gothita spotlight hour.

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Pokemon Go Gothita Spotlight Hour - Shiny Gothita October 2021
Pokemon Go Gothita Spotlight Hour – Shiny Gothita October 2021

Gothita Spotlight Hour – Pokemon GO

The Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour lasts from 6 pm until 7 pm local time, every week. It has increased spawn rates for one designated Pokemon and offers special rewards. This week the focus is on Gothita, in keeping with the ghost-type Pokemon that have been celebrating Halloween month. You can also double your Catch XP and stock up on Gothita Candy.

Can Gothita Be Shiny Pokemon Go

During spotlight hour, the number of shiny Gothita Pokemon does not increase per se. What does increase is the number of encounters you will have. This makes the chance of encountering one much higher. However, it is not a guarantee that will meet one. Make sure you maximize your time encountering as many as possible to increase chances.

Be very wary when you do encounter them. The shiny Gothita does not have a huge color swap unlike other Pokemon. This means it is easy to assume it is a standard version. Look for a version with pink eyes.

One way to increase your chances is to catch the number of standard Gothita you want, then flee from encounters. This will let you maximize your time, meeting more Gothita’s, and possibly letting you get the fabled shiny variant.

When you do get this encounter, make sure you come prepared to catch that shiny Gothita during the spotlight hour. Stock up on Razz Berries and make sure you have plenty of Pokeballs and Ultra Balls. This will ensure it does not getaway.

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