Taming Sheep in the Good Life - How to Bark at a Sheep

In The Good Life, your existence is pleasant and serene, until the moment you need to master taming sheep and find that how to bark at sheep is not easy. Many people are accidentally attacking the animals instead of barking. This can cause problems, and taming sheep is one of the important jobs in the game. You need it to fit into your idllyic pastoral life. Read on as we discuss how to bark at sheep in The Good Life.

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Taming Sheep in the Good Life - How to Bark at a Sheep
Taming Sheep in the Good Life – How to Bark at a Sheep

The Good Life is a new life simulator on PC and Switch. Originally crowdfunded, the game won its Kickstarter funding in 2018 reaching 135% of its funding goal. It has an impressive resume with team members who have worked on games as varied as Final Fantasy XII to Panzer Dragoon.

You play the part of Naomi Hayward. This New York photojournalist now lives in a rural English village. You must explore the countryside, taking pictures and indulging in English countryside activities. This is done while transforming into a dog or cat and solving the odd mystery. Of course, any self-respecting English villager needs to know one golden rule. How to turn into a dog and herd sheep.

The Good Life How to Tame a Sheep – Bark at the Sheep

The trick here is to bark at the sheep without attacking them. This will cause the sheep to come at you. Without this, your only alternative is to try and fight the sheep, in which case the wool will come off and the sheep will bolt. Thus, taming is the best option.

Firstly, make sure you are in dog form. After this, the bark button and attack are actually different controls. This is usually the triangle button on the controller (the same one you use to say hello in human form).

Bark at the sheep around four times then use the whistle. If you are playing on PC and can still not find it, look under keybinds to check. It should be the F key.

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