Pokemon Go Safari Zone 2021 Rescheduled Dates

Pokemon Go has announced its Safari Zone 2021 events. Rescheduled from 2020, many of these events were postponed due to the pandemic. Locations include Liverpool in the UK, with St Louis and Philadelphia in the US. You can also join in these events online from around the world. We give you the details of these Pokémon Go Safari Zone 2021 events below.

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Pokémon Go Safari Zone 2021
Pokemon Go Safari Zone 2021

The Liverpool Pokémon Go event in the UK is now scheduled for Friday, October the 15th to Sunday the 17th 2021. It will take place at Sefton Park. In the US, there are two rescheduled events. Philadelphia will take place in Fairmount Park. It will run from Friday, October the 29th to Sunday, October 31st.

Start times for the St Louis event are from November 12th to Sunday 14th of November 2021. They will take place at Tower Grove Park. Please note the start and end times are one hour earlier than the previous event times, and this should be visible on the ticket.

Safari Zone 2021 Online

Safari Zone 2021 Online
Safari Zone 2021 Online

Anyone with a Safari Zone ticket can take part online or in person. The opening hours adapt on the location of the user themselves, with global time changing accordingly. If you wish to attend the events in person, you must RSVP so that the organizers can organize pandemic restrictions. The updated times and dates should be available in your event tab. No extra tickets are being sold for the events.

What Happens at Pokemon Go Safari Zone?

Pokemon Go Safari Zone allows you exclusive access to a range of features. These apply if you attend in person or online.

  • Research and Field Task Participation
  • A chance to catch exclusive event Pokemon
  • Lure modules will last four hours
  • Incense activation will last for 8 hours
  • 2km eggs
  • Surprise snapshot gift (Philadelphia only)

The City Explorer pass has now been removed. Anyone who did purchase this will receive a refund.

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