Lann or Wenduag - Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

One of the first choices you will be forced to make in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, is which of these companions you want to stick with – Lann or Wenduag. Because they are mutually exclusive, this choice can have major ramifications for your party composition, as well as the rest of the game. But even if we disregard their classes and stats, these two have wildly differing – often completely opposing – personalities and worldviews. All in all, there is a lot to consider about each one, and this is no simple choice. In this Lann or Wenduag – Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous guide, we will be taking a close look at both of these to see which one is the right companion for you and your playstyle preferences.

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Lann or Wenduag - Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

Which Companion To Choose – Lann or Wenduag WoTR

Lann and Wenduag are the third and fourth companions you will get in the game. You will meet them very soon after Seelah and Camellia. At first, both Lann and Wenduag will travel with you without any problems, but you will soon realize that both of them have very different ideas about what you need to do. Lann wants to show your new-found Angelic power to the village Chief Sull, while Wenduag wants you to keep your power hidden. If you choose to reveal the light of Heaven to Sull, the next time you go to sleep, Wenduag will have left your party. However, if you lie to Sull and do not reveal the light of Heaven, Lann will leave you instead. This choice isn’t set in stone, as there are other opportunities to get either Lann or Wenduag in subsequent chapters.

Know that you know that, whatever you do, one of these will leave you, the question is – which one should you choose? Both of these Mongrels favor bows. Lann is a Zen Archer, a Monk class that specializes in ranged combat. As such, he can be a valuable addition to any team. He is Lawful Neutral, and is much more good-leaning than Wenduag. Speaking of her, she is a vanilla Fighter. Her high Dexterity score makes her ideal for ranged combat, though her decent Strength means that you can just as easily respec her for classic melee combat. Though, being Neutral Evil, she is a poor choice for good-aligned characters. One last thing that you should take into consideration before making your choice – both Wenduag and Lann are romancable. Lann can only be romanced by female protagonists, while Wenduag is interested in both genders.

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