Pokemon GO Pokemon Storage Upgrades 50 Percent Cheaper

Niantic are preparing to roll out probably the biggest update to Pokemon GO yet. With over 80 new Pokemon coming our way, plus new evolutions, things are going to get pretty crowded. Pokemon Storage upgrades will probably be necessary to keep all of them. Niantic have that in mind, and now we can buy the upgrades at a 50% discount in the store.

Pokemon GO Pokemon Storage Upgrades 50 Percent Cheaper
Pokemon GO Pokemon Storage Upgrades 50 Percent Cheaper

We’ve written before about Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokemon, new evolutions and so on. There’s a lot of brand new Pokemon that we’ll be able to catch soon, very soon. As exciting as that is, it might present a problem or two, and Pokemon storage is one of them.

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With only Gen 1 Pokemon, the default storage available is 250 Pokemon. This is enough space for all of them, plus plenty to spare. With the mass of Johto Pokemon arriving, it won’t be enough anymore. For now, the only way to increase your storage space is by buying the upgrades from the in-app Pokemon store. To remedy this, Niantic have decided to give us a 50% discount on Pokemon Storage upgrades. Here’s what they tweeted recently:

To help you prepare for upcoming adventures, Pokémon Storage upgrades require 50% fewer PokéCoins starting the afternoon of Feb. 16–28 PST!

Normally, this upgrade costs 200 PokeCoins, and now we can get them for 100. Storage can be upgraded up to 1.000 Pokemon. We can also upgrade our backpacks for the same reduced price, up to 1.000 items.

Now, as a reminder, there aren’t many ways to earn the PokeCoins in the game. The easiest way, in fact, is by purchasing them with real-life money, if you don’t want to participate in taking over Gyms. So, it comes across like Niantic are trying to earn a few extra bucks this way.

Maybe I’m viewing this too cynically. Share your thoughts and impressions in the comments below!

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