Pokemon GO Purify Shadow Pokemon or Not 2023

In our Pokemon GO Purify Shadow Pokemon or Not 2023 guide, we are going to cover several important points on the subject. First, we will explain what Shadow Pokemon are, for those of you that are still new to the concept. Then, we’ll talk about how purifying works and what it does. Lastly, we will discuss whether you should purify Pokemon or not. With the preamble out of the way, let’s begin.

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pokemon go purify shadow pokemon or not 2023
Pokemon GO Purify Shadow Pokemon or Not 2023

Pokemon GO Purify Explained

Before we explain the “Purify” system in Pokemon GO, let’s first explain what Shadow Pokemon are. Basically, they’re Pokemon that have been corrupted by Team Rocket. You can recognize them by the purple flame-like aura. Their attacks have 20% more power, but they also take 20% more damage and they are more expensive to upgrade and evolve. Also, they’re stuck with the Frustration move, which can be replaced only during certain events. Even so, that 20% bonus to attack power is really good to have.

If you do decide to purify a Pokemon and turn it into the regular version of itself, you first have to open your Pokemon storage. Tap the Pokemon you want to purify and find the Purify button above the Evolve button. It will cost you some Stardust and Candy, naturally. You will lose the extra attack power, but the creature will also lose all the Shadow Pokemon penalties.

Should You Purify Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Now that we know how to purify Pokemon in Pokemon GO, should you actually do it or not? Well, it depends. Do you want to sacrifice that 20% attack power bonus for the sake of taking less damage and having to spend less to power them up? It really varies from Pokemon to Pokemon. Very often, Shadow Pokemon are very useful in high-level Raids specifically due to the extra attack power, but then again, so are regular ones. So, unfortunately, we can’t really tell you to do one or the other. You’ll have to decide on a case-by-case basis. In general, it’s never really a bad decision to purify a Pokemon, but give each of them a second thought. Just in case.

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