How to Exit Barbed Wire Death Match AEW Fight Forever

Can you leave the Barbed Wire Death Match ring in AEW Fight Forever? The very first AEW Fight Forever game is here, and of course, it features the legendary Barbed Wire Death Match. However, will you be able to exit it during a match? Yes, and here’s how!

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How to Exit Barbed Wire Death Match AEW Fight Forever
(Image Credit: u/Odd-Net4879 via Reddit)

AEW Fight Forever How to Exit Barbed Wire Death Match

The previously-rumoured Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match was finally revealed in mid-June with an awesome new trailer. This made the fans extremely excited, as it is one of the fan-favourite spectacles in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). However, when players finally have a chance to play it, there seems to be one mystery that no one knows how to solve. Namely, players don’t know how to exit the Barbed Wire Death Match ring. Is it even possible to do it? Are those land mines out of the ring for no reason? Well, it turns out that you can leave the ring! A Reddit user that goes by the name Odd-Net4879 has figured this one out!

Finally Found Out How To “exit” The Barbed Wire Death Match
by u/Odd-Net4879 in AEWFightForever

“I was playing against my sisters caw and found this cool finisher,” he wrote. “I’m glad the outside isn’t completely just for show!” So, how exactly did he do it? Is this a bug, or an intended feature? A carefully put secret for players to unravel? According to Odd-Net4879, it is not a bug, and it is easily repeatable. “You can do it by hitting them into the barbed wire while they’re stuck, and use your finisher,” he added. “They just roll in automatically after the move.”

Unfortunately, it seems that neither you can chase them while they are out of the ring nor can they do anything once they are out. Apparently, they just automatically roll back into the ring once they are thrown out. It is unfortunate, but at least it’s something!

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