Pokemon GO Regional Pokemon No Longer Found In Eggs

The December 12th update to Pokemon GO brought something we’ve all been awaiting for a long time: Baby Pokemon. To obtain them, trainers have to hatch them from PokeEggs. We all knew this would happen thanks to the abundant leaks from dataminers. However, this update drew attention to some changes that managed to slip under the radar. One of those is that Regional Pokemon no longer hatch from eggs.

Pokemon GO Regional Pokemon No Longer Found In Eggs
Pokemon GO Regional Pokemon No Longer Found In Eggs

Not long ago, Niantic announced that Rattata and Pidgey won’t hatch from Eggs anymore. This was a welcome change, since it’s pretty infuriating to walk for kilometers and get a dime-a-dozen Pokemon for your trouble. The dedicated trainers from The Silph Road decided to do a study and confirm this change. However, mid-study they changed direction once they noticed something odd after the December 12th patch. Namely, the first thing they noticed no evolved forms of Baby Pokemon in Eggs.

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The second trend they’ve noticed is the lack of regional Pokemon in Eggs. For those who don’t know, certain Pokemon Eggs can only be found in certain regions of the world. The Pokemon in question are Farfetch’d, Kandaskhan, Mr. Mime and Tauros, from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, respectively. According to the study Eggs: Can You Hatch Evolved Forms or Region-Specific Pokemon?, from 1.621 PokeEggs hatched after the update, not a single region-specific Pokemon was found.

To be fair, they didn’t hatch any regional Pokemon from 2.490 Eggs from before the Baby Pokemon update. This could mean that the alteration has been around for significantly longer. In fact, to quote the study itself:

“Verifiable reports of region-specific Pokemon hatching (in their own regions) dried up near the end of the summer.”

So, there you have it, fellow trainers. We can say goodbye to finding Tauros, Kandaskhan, Farfetch’d and Mr. Mime in Eggs. How do you feel about that? What were your region-specific Pokemon? Share with us in the comments!

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