Pokemon GO No Evolved Baby Pokemon Hatch From Eggs After Update

Baby Pokemon were added to Pokemon GO in an update a little under a month ago on December 12th. The only way you can get them is by hatching them from Eggs. Naturally, this came as no surprise to dedicated trainers, since dataminers saw them coming weeks before their introduction. However, this update brought some unexpected changes to the table. Namely, it seems that evolved forms of baby Pokemon no longer hatch from Eggs.

Pokemon GO No Evolved Baby Pokemon Hatch From Eggs After Update
Pokemon GO No Evolved Baby Pokemon Hatch From Eggs After Update

Before the update, trainers could easily hatch Magmars, Jigglypuffs, Clefairies etc. According to research done by The Silph Road, this is no longer the case. They did a study on whether you can hatch evolved forms of Baby Pokemon. It included 1.621 Eggs collected after the update went live, compared to 2.490 Eggs before the update.

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The results are clear. Out of 1.621 Eggs, not a single one contained an evolved form of Baby Pokemon. There was only one Pikachu, but, according to the footnote, the trainer is unsure whether they collected the Egg before or after the update. Instead, they hatched 21 Magby, 14 Cleffa, 30 Igglybuff, 18 Smoochum, 8 Elekid, 32 Pichu and 21 Togepi. In other words, you can only hope to hatch Pichu, Cleffa, Magby, Elekid, Igglybuff, or Smoochum; you won’t be seeing their evolved counterparts in Eggs anymore, it seems. For more information on Baby Pokemon Eggs, Types, Evolution and more, check out our Pokemon Go Baby Pokemon article.

I suppose this change makes sense, in a way. It looks like Pokemon GO is going back to its roots. It only makes sense that babies would hatch from Eggs. However, I feel like maybe Niantic could’ve done a better job at communicating the fact. After all, Pokemon GO is a competitive game at its core, even if you choose not to play it that way.

Hatching Eggs in Pokemon GO is always a lottery. It’s great that Rattatas and Pigdeys don’t hatch anymore, but now, apparently, we have to say goodbye to hatching Electabuzz, Pikachu, Magmar, Clefairy, Jigglypuff and Jynx. This isn’t devastating news by any means, of course. It’s just about getting a leg up on the competition by gathering the facts.

Go Team Mystic!

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