Shiny Chespin in Pokemon GO

If you want to get a shiny Chespin in Pokemon GO, you will have to wait for a while longer. The cute rodent will get a shiny variant soon; on its Community Day, to be specific. In this guide, we are going to explain when Chespin will get its shiny version, how to tell it apart from the regular Chespin, and more.

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shiny chespin in pokemon go
Shiny Chespin in Pokemon GO

Can Chespin be Shiny in Pokemon GO

You will be able to encounter a shiny Chespin in Pokemon GO starting January 7th, 2023. That’s when the Chespin Community Day is going to take place, and the shiny version will make its debut. On that day, the little rodent Pokemon will be spawning more often in the wild than normal, including the special variant. The difference is most likely going to be in the color of its… hat? I’m going with hat. A shiny Chespin will have a maroon hat instead of green, so that’s how you can tell them apart. Once you do manage to obtain one, you’ll most likely then be able to evolve it into a shiny Quilladin, and eventually a shiny Chesnaught.

So, yeah; you’ll have to wait for a while longer before hunting down a shiny Chespin in Pokemon GO. Just keep in mind that the odds of finding one of them are still going to be very low. Granted, you will have a better chance during the Community Day, but it’s still not guaranteed. Not by a long shot. I wish you the best of luck. Of course, like with any other Community Day, you’ll have other cool stuff to do on January 7th. For example, if you evolve a Chespin into Chesnaught during the event or up to five hours after, that Chesnaught will know the Frenzy Plant Charged Attack. Also, there will be special event bonuses, the Quality Quills Special Research story, and more.

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