Phasmophobia Cookies Locations

Figuring out where to find the Phasmophobia Christmas Cookies locations is important if you want to complete the holiday event. You have to find six cookies on each map, then place them on a platter in your van and ultimately feed them to the ghost. Trouble is, it’s really difficult to locate these cookies. Well, that’s what this guide is for, so let’s begin!

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phasmophobia cookie locations
Phasmophobia Cookies Locations

Phasmophobia Christmas Cookies Locations

There are six Phasmophobia Christmas Cookie locations that you can find in each level. The aim is to collect them all and put them on the plate next to the camera monitors in the truck. You then take the cookies to the ghost and try and make it consume them. Rinse and repeat on each map until you complete the holiday event. So, with that said, here’s where the cookies are in each location.

  • 10 Ridgeview Court
    • Coffee table in the living room
    • The desk in the room with the computer on the ground floor
    • Shelf in the back of the garage, with the spray cans
    • On the chair to the left of the basement entrance
    • The bedroom to the right of the stairs, on the desk
    • The bedroom before the master bedroom left of the stairs, on a dresser shelf
  • 13 Willow Street
    • Small table in the living room
    • Cutting board on the kitchen counter
    • Small table with the plant in the back of the master bedroom
    • Computer desk in the other bedroom
    • Table in the far left corner of the garage
    • On the floor of the second storage room in the basement
  • 42 Edgefield Road
    • The table to the right of the entrance, where the tarot deck spawns
    • Kitchen table
    • Dining room table
    • Nightstand in the hall right outside the master bedroom, next to the window
    • Table to the left of the stairs on the upper floor
    • Table in the basement hallway
  • 6 Tanglewood Drive
    • The kitchen island
    • On top of the vase in the middle of the dining room table
    • On the washing machine in the utility room
    • The red tool chest to the right of the garage door
    • The small table right at the entrance to the house.
    • The table in the back of the basement
  • Bleasdale Farmhouse
    • Next to the kitchen sink
    • On one of the dining room chairs
    • The small table in the living room, the one with the tablecloth
    • Near the red heater in the workshop
    • The table next to the attic staircase in the upstairs hallway
    • The arm of the chair in the same hallway
  • Grafton Farmhouse
    • In the back of the dining room, on the table
    • The kitchen counter, next to the door to the workshop
    • Inside the workshop, near the workstation, on the stool
    • The nightstand in the master bedroom
    • The desk behind the radio in the upstairs bedroom
    • The desk behind the phone in the nursery
  • Camp Woodwind
    • The table next to the entrance to the yellow tent
    • The frying pan in the red tent
    • The bench next to the red tent (two cookies there)
    • The food tent, specifically the white table in the back, near the yellow bowl
    • On the seat with the two marshmallows on sticks near the campfire
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