Shiny Croagunk Pokemon GO, Croagunk Spotlight Hour

In our Shiny Croagunk Pokemon GO, Croagunk Spotlight Hour guide, we are going to present you with all the details you’ll need if you’re gonna participate in the event. We will go over when it’s going to begin and end, what the bonus will be, and whether or not Croagunk can be shiny. Let’s dive straight in!

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shiny croagunk pokemon go croagunk spotlight hour
Shiny Croagunk Pokemon GO, Croagunk Spotlight Hour

Pokemon GO Croagunk Spotlight Hour

The Croagunk Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO will begin on Tuesday, November 8th, and during it Croagunk will spawn more often in the wild, including the shiny version. More on that in the next section. Like all other Spotlight Hour events, it will kick off at 6 PM local time, and wrap up an hour later, at 7 PM local time. Of course, there’s also the event bonus. This week, it’s going to be double catch XP. That means that you’ll get twice the experience for catching Pokemon. This is true for any Pokemon you catch, not just Croagunk. So, go wild.

Can Croagunk be Shiny?

Yes, Croagunk can be shiny in Pokemon GO, which means that the Spotlight Hour will be an excellent opportunity to catch one. If you don’t know what the shiny version looks like compared to the regular version, allow me to help you out. The shiny Croagunk is a light, greenish-blue (aquamarine, I believe it’s called). Meanwhile, the normal variant is a darker, more regular blue. So, assuming you don’t have trouble seeing shades of blue, it shouldn’t be too hard to tell the difference. If you catch a shiny Croagunk, you can then evolve it into a shiny Toxicroak. It looks much cooler than the regular Toxicroak, in my opinion. Either way, the double catch XP bonus should be more than enough to get you to catch as many Croagunk as you can.

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