Shiny Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon GO 2022

In our Shiny Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon GO 2022 guide, we are going to share all the info we have on the subject at the moment. Hoopa Ubound is definitely one of the coolest Pokemon in the game, so of course you’d want to try and hunt down the super-rare version. If it even exists, that is.

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shiny hoopa unbound in pokemon go 2022
Shiny Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon GO 2022

Can Hoopa Unbound Be Shiny in Pokemon GO

As far as we can tell, Hoopa Unbound cannot be shiny in Pokemon GO in 2022. Nor can Hoopa Confined, while we’re on the subject. They only have the one version, and that’s all you get. Unless I’m very much mistaken, both variants of Hoopa do have their shiny counterparts in the other games this Pokemon appears in. They’re really cool, too, what with being solid gold and whatnot. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, that’s not the case in Pokemon GO. Is this going to change at some point in the future? Well, nobody can be certain, of course, but it’s not implausible. That has happened many times in the past. Maybe Niantic will eventually “bless” us with shiny Hoopas. Not quite yet, though.

So yeah, that’s all we know about Shiny Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon GO in 2022. If the situation ever changes (for which there are zero indications, I should say), we’ll be sure to keep you posted. All I’m going to say is, if you run into a golden Hoopa, be it Confined or Unbound, go for it! On a side note, Hoopa Unbound is going to be the first Pokemon to feature in the new Elite Raids. These hatch from 24-hour Raid Eggs. The boss will remain there for you to fight for thirty minutes. The annoying part is that you can only participate in these Raids in-person. Remote passes won’t work. I have no idea why Niantic keep trying to destroy one of the best features they’ve ever added, but that’s Niantic for you.

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