Shiny Hoothoot Pokemon GO, Hoothoot Spotlight Hour

In our Shiny Hoothoot Pokemon GO, Hoothoot Spotlight Hour guide, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the upcoming mini-event. Specifically, we’ll cover when it begins and ends, what the bonus is going to be, and whether or not Hoothoot can be shiny. Let’s begin, shall we?

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shiny hoothoot pokemon go hoothoot spotlight hour
Shiny Hoothoot Pokemon GO, Hoothoot Spotlight Hour

Pokemon GO Hoothoot Spotlight Hour

During the Hoothoot Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO, the owl Pokemon is going to spawn at a significantly increased rate, raising your chances to get a shiny one. More on that in the section below. The event is going to kick off on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 at 6 PM local time. It will wrap up after an hour, at 7 PM local server time. Aside from Hoothoot appearing more often, you’ll also get to enjoy a special event bonus. This week, the wheel has landed on double Evolution XP. In other words, you will get twice the XP for every Pokemon you evolve during the Spotlight Hour. It doesn’t have to be only Hoothoot; it can be any Pokemon.

Can Hoothoot be Shiny?

Yes, Hoothoot can be shiny in Pokemon GO, and the Spotlight Hour is going to be a great opportunity to try and hunt down at least one. Mind you, these events don’t increase the shiny odds per se, but the fact that Hoothoot will spawn way more often does skew the number in your favor. Somewhat, at least. The special version of the monopedal owl is easy to tell apart from the regular, since it’s bright yellow instead of brown. And you can use the double Evolve XP as an incentive to get a shiny Noctowl while you’re at it. Again, I do concede that it’s not the most exciting of Spotlight Hours. But, hey, cool shiny owl!

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