Shiny Wailmer Pokemon GO, Wailmer Spotlight Hour

In our Shiny Wailmer Pokemon GO, Wailmer Spotlight Hour guide, we will give you all the details about the upcoming mini-event you’re going to need. We will tell you when it begins, when it ends, what the event bonus is going to be, etc. Naturally, we’ll also discuss whether Wailmer can be Shiny, considering that’s always a huge draw. Here we go!

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shiny wailmer pokemon go wailmer spotlight hour
Shiny Wailmer Pokemon GO, Wailmer Spotlight Hour

Pokemon GO Wailmer Spotlight Hour July 2023

The July 2023 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour will revolve around Wailmer (and its shiny version, but more on that later). The event will kick off on July 11th at 6 PM local time, then end an hour later, at 7 PM local time. While it lasts, Wailmer will spawn much more often in the wild, which increases your odds of potentially encountering a shiny one. No guarantees, though. As is the case with all other Spotlight Hours, this one will feature an event bonus. This week, it’ll be double XP, meaning you’ll get twice the experience for every Pokemon you catch in that hour. This should be an extra incentive to capture as many Wailmer as possible. As for other reasons to do so, well, keep reading.

Can Wailmer Be Shiny in Pokemon GO

Yes indeed, Wailmer can absolutely be shiny in Pokemon GO, so the July 2023 Spotlight Hour will be a great chance to catch one. Obviously, your odds are still going to be low, but the increased spawn rate does skew them ever so slightly in your favor. And as for how to tell the difference between a regular and shiny Wailmer, the former is blue, and the latter is a pinkish-purple. As long as your color vision is okay, you shouldn’t have any trouble distinguishing between the two. And yes, Wailmer’s evolution Wailord also has a shiny version. You can get it as easily as evolving Wailmer, which requires a whopping four hundred Candy. Make sure to farm as many of them during the Spotlight Hour.

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