Sun Angelus Value Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X is filled with all sorts of pets. From the mundane to the fantastical, there is a pet that suits just about anyone’s preferences. Even better, new pets are being added to the game all the time. One such new pet is the Sun Angelus. This Mythical Pet is a reskin of the Angelus. While still keeping its Biblically-accurate Angel vibe, it is also inspired by various depictions of the Sun. We’re sure that you want to get one of these in your menagerie, which is why we have compiled this list of the various values of Sun Angelus in Pet Simulator X. We’re going to show you not just what the Sun Angelus is worth, but also how to get it in PSX.

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Sun Angelus Value Pet Simulator X
Sun Angelus Value Pet Simulator X

Pet Sim X Sun Angelus Value

Like other PSX pets, the overall value of the Sun Angelus depends on the type of Sun Angelus that you want to get. Naturally, the rarer (and thus – harder to obtain) the Sun Angelus in question is, the more it is going to be worth. So let’s start with the Normal Sun Angelus, which is worth 50 Million Diamonds. After that, the Shiny Sun Angelus is worth an estimated 200 Million Diamonds. The Golden Sun Angelus is 150 Million Diamonds, the Rainbow Sun Angelus 600 Million Diamonds, and the Dark Matter Sun Angelus 2 Billion Diamonds.

The Normal Hardcore Sun Angelus is 1 Billion Diamonds, the Golden Hardcore Sun Angelus 3 Billion Diamonds, the Rainbow Hardcore Sun Angelus 12 Billion Diamonds, and the Dark Matter Hardcore Sun Angelus 40 Billion Diamonds.

How to Get Sun Angelus in Pet Simulator X

Besides trading for it, the only other method of getting the Sun Angelus in PSX is to hatch it. You can do this from the Palm Tree Egg, as well as from the Sunny Egg.

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