Shiny Zygarde Pokemon GO 2023

If you want to know whether you can get a shiny Zygarde in Pokemon GO in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. That’s what we’ll be discussing in this guide. While we’re there, we’ll also talk a bit about how you can get any variant of Zygarde, since it has three major forms: 10% Forme, 50% Forme, and 100% Forme. It’s all a bit confusing and messy, so let’s clear things up.

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shiny zygarde pokemon go 2023
Shiny Zygarde Pokemon GO 2023

Can Zygarde be Shiny in Pokemon GO 2023

Nope, Zygarde cannot be shiny in Pokemon GO in 2023. And that’s perfectly fine, considering that you’ll have your hands full with trying to get and “evolve” the thing already. I mean, you’ll have to get to the third step of the A to Zygarde Special Research (which requires completing three Routes)to even encounter it’s 10% Forme, aka the dog form. And then you have to collect Zygarde Cells to upgrade it to the 50% Forme, which is the weird, cobra-like thing. As to how you get it to the 100% Forme, that I don’t know. In other games, it only transforms if it has the Power Construct ability and drops under half of its health. Will it work the same way in Pokemon GO? We’ll see.

So, yeah, that’s basically all there is to know when it comes to whether Zygarde can be shiny in Pokemon GO in 2023. Is that going to remain the case for good? Maybe not. Maybe Niantic will bring a shiny version of the Order Pokemon at some point in the future. Until then, I’d focus on getting any version of Zygrade that you can. Which is going to be a problem, because Routes are not really working properly. Sure, it’s a really fun mechanic in theory, but not only is it a bit broken at the moment, it also hinges on having PokeStops or Gyms around you. So, people in rural areas are gonna get overlooked again. I don’t know; all I can do is wish you the best of luck out there.

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