Pokemon GO Size Record, New XXL and XXS Pokemon

In our Pokemon GO Size Record, New XXL and XXS Pokemon guide, we are going to explain the newly-added mechanic. Basically, a very small selection of Pokemon now have three different size groups, which the Pokedex will keep track of. Trainers have a lot of questions about how this all works, and we’re here to explain. Let’s begin.

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pokemon go size record new xxl and xxs pokemon
Pokemon GO Size Record, New XXL and XXS Pokemon

New Size Record Pokemon GO, XXS and XXL Pokemon Variants

The new size record in Pokemon GO makes note of the new XXS and XXL Pokemon variants. Basically, there are now three Pokemon that can be smaller or larger than normal. These three are Poochyena, Mightyena and Mawile. The first and last can be encountered as shiny, while you have to evolve a shiny Mightyena from Poochyena. Anyways, the XXS and XXL versions have their own special encounter animations, according to the announcement. This is good, because you’ll immediately know you’ve run into something special. Also, you will be able to see the difference in size both in encounters and when walking with them as your Buddy. Check out the image above for an example.

More importantly, perhaps, the Pokedex will record the new XXS and XXL size Pokemon variants you catch. The game will keep track of the “largest, smallest, heaviest, and lightest specimens that you have caught.” Also, as the announcement reads: “Trainers who catch XXS or XXL Pokemon — or find smaller XS- or XL-sized Pokemon than they caught previously — can enjoy a new celebratory message when they break their record.” However, you “need to catch at least three of any particular Pokemon to set a record for that Pokemon.” So, go out there and catch yourself some small and big versions of already existing Pokemon. Will Niantic bring this new mechanic to other Pokemon in the future? We’ll have to wait and see; it’s just the three at the moment.

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