Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour - Shiny Spoink - September 7th

The September 7th Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour is going to feature Spoink, both in regular and Shiny form. Plus, of course, there’s also the special bonus that comes with every one of these events. Spoink is possibly one of the most adorable Pokemon I’ve seen in a long while, and isn’t one that appears in the wild too often. So, we’ve put together this guide to show you how to make the most of the event.

pokemon go spotlight hour shiny spoink september 7th
Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour – Shiny Spoink – September 7th

Spotlight Hour Shiny Spoink Pokemon Go – September 7th

So, first of, when is the Pokemon Go Shiny Spoink Spotlight Hour on September 7th going to start? As is the case with the majority of these mini-events, it’ll begin at 6PM local time and end at 7PM. During the Spotlight Hour, Spoink is going to be spawning at an increased rate. As for the special bonus that always comes with a spotlit Pokemon, this time around it’s gonna be double Catch Stardust. In other words, you’re going to earn twice the Stardust for every Pokemon that you catch before the event wraps up.

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Lastly, you might be wondering whether Spoink has a shiny variant in Pokemon Go. Well, as you’ve probably already picked up by now, the answer is yes, Spoink can absolutely be shiny in PoGo. So, if you’re out to get one, this will be one of your best chances to do so.

With all of that out of the way, how should you prepare for Shiny Spoink Pokemon Go September 7th Spotlight Hour? Well, you should probably stock up on Poke Balls, Lures, Incense, and Berries. Use these items to gain as much of an advantage as you can. Catch as many Pokemon as you can to earn as much Stardust as the double-catch bonus allows you to. To that end, you probably want to empty out your inventory of superfluous Pokemon to make room for all the monsters you’ll be catching during the event.

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