How to Take Snapshot Pokemon GO 2023

Knowing how to take a snapshot in Pokemon GO in 2023, and in general, can be very important. If for no other reason, than because it is sometimes necessary to complete certain research tasks. Now, there are several ways to take a snapshot in the game, and we’ll explain all of them in this guide.

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how to take snapshot pokemon go 2023
How to Take Snapshot Pokemon GO 2023

How to Take Snapshot in Pokemon GO 2023

To take a snapshot of a Pokemon in Pokemon GO in 2023, you have to do things a bit differently depending on whether you’re photographing a wild Pokemon or one of your own. If it’s a wild Pokemon, tap it as if you’re going to catch it. Then, instead of flinging Balls at it, tap the camera icon in the top of the screen. The next step is to simply set the shot up the way you want it and tap the camera in the bottom of the screen to take the photo. When you’re done with the photoshoot, press the arrow in the bottom left to go back to the catching screen.

Now, to take a snapshot of a Pokemon from your stash in Pokemon GO in 2023, you can go two ways. The first one is to go into your storage and tap the Pokemon you want. Next, tap the camera icon on the right. Alternatively, select the camera from your inventory, and then select the Pokemon.

If you’re not using AR mode, you can just take the snapshot. If you are, then you’ll have to slowly pan your camera over any flat surface until you see yellow footsteps. Tap anywhere where those are to release the Pokemon you chose. Then, you can tap the Pokemon to make it pose, and rub it to get its attention and make it turn towards the camera.

Pokemon GO Snapshot Not Working Solution

There are several potential solutions to the snapshot not working in Pokemon GO in 2023. For one, you have to make sure that you’ve given the app permission to use you camera, as well as access photos, media, and files on your device. Without those, you can’t take the snapshots. Also, if you’re taking a photo of a Pokemon from your storage via AR, and the yellow footsteps aren’t showing up, turn the camera away from the flat surface and then slowly point it back.

At the moment, the 2023 Fashion Week is where you’ll be doing the majority of taking snapshots. It will take place between November 15th and November 19th. Several tasks requires you to take pictures, such as taking snapshots of Wild Pokemon, a snapshot of your Buddy, and more. Good luck!

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