Pokemon GO Trading Rumor: Transporting Items In Real-Life Vehicles

Trading Pokemon with your friends has been a staple of the series since the original 1996 titles. However, this feature hasn’t found its way to Pokemon GO yet. Trainers have been asking for the ability to trade the Pokemon hey caught with others, since this would allow them to complete their Pokedexes faster. Given the global reach of Pokemon GO, Pokemon trading could even become a world-wide thing.

There are some hints at Pokemon trading coming to Pokemon GO. The first clue comes from the Terms of Service (yes, the thing none of us read). The other one comes from a patent filed by the creators of Pokemon GO via Google Inc. in November 2012.

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Pokemon GO Trading Rumor: Transporting Items In Real-Life Vehicles
Pokemon GO Trading Rumor: Transporting Items In Real-Life Vehicles

Trading Pokemon in Pokemon GO Rumors

Niantic CEO John Hanke mentioned the possibility of trading between trainers back in September 2016. You can listen to his interview with Recode about new Pokemon Go features in the works.

So far, there are no official announcements about trading, but there are some hints that it will happen. Also, there’s a possibility that real-life transportation will be utilized.

Our first clue is a sentence from the Pokemon GO Terms of Service. Under the Trading section, it states:

“The App permits Account holders to capture and trade virtual items, including but not limited to Pokémon characters or creatures (“Trading Items”) during gameplay.”

I think it’s fair to say that this is a pretty clear indication that trading Pokemon will eventually become a thing. We don’t know exactly when or how, but we can get our hopes up. That, however, is not the most interesting part.

The website PatentYogi.com recently published the article Pokemon Trading in Real Life. According to their findings, Pokemon GO might at some point utilize real-life public transportation to transport traded Pokemon. The patent, titled “System and method for transporting virtual objects in a parallel reality game”, details how information about public transport can be used in a game like Pokemon GO.

To cut a long story short, this is how it might work. Say your friend and you want to trade Pokemon. If you live on the same bus route, you could use that to send the Pokemon to each other. The virtual transport would run on the same schedule as the real one. We might even be able to send creatures between countries using trains and planes! The way it sounds, we might have to travel to a certain station or airport to pick them up. That’s just speculation, but it certainly would improve immersion as well as being a potential hassle.

Do you think these rumors might come true? Would you agree to drive to the airport to pick up a Pokemon you’re missing? Tell us in the comments!

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