Pokemon GO Trainer Club Down, Currently Unavailable Issue Fix

In our Pokemon GO Trainer Club Down, Currently Unavailable Issue Fix guide, we are going to show you what to do if the service is not working. Granted, it’s a fix that kinda requires you to do it before the service goes down, but it will at least save you some headaches in the future. Here’s what you need to do.

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pokemon go trainer club down currently unavailable issue fix
Pokemon GO Trainer Club Down, Currently Unavailable Issue Fix

Pokemon GO Trainer Club is Currently Unavailable Fix

If the Pokemon GO Trainer Club is down and currently unavailable, the only real fix comes from Niantic themselves. According to this tweet, they recommend “adding a backup login method to your account.” You can do so at this link. Is it the ideal solution? Far from it; the onus should be on the developers to provide a stable service. But in the absence of this, it’s probably best to follow their instructions to try and avoid any future unpleasantness. And by avoid, I mean increase your chances that the service will actually work as intended. There’s still no actual guarantee that it will. I know, I know, it’s nowhere near a good situation, but that’s Niantic for you.

So, yeah, that’s the only real fix for when the Pokemon GO Trainer Club is down and not working properly, aka currently unavailable. If you know of any other workarounds that you use, let us know in the comments below. Personally, I don’t use the service in the first place, so I’m not at all bothered about how often it has problems. However, even I know that it doesn’t work as it should embarrassingly often. It sucks, especially when it goes down during Community Day, like it did recently. We can only hope that Niantic will eventually make the thing function, but so far, that does not seem likely. Adding an extra login method is the only remotely real solution.

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