How to Get Mr. Mime Pokemon GO 2023

When it comes to iconic Pokemon, there are few that are as immediately recognizable as Mr Mime. Up there with the likes of Charizard, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Ditto, and Pikachu, Mr. Mime is a Psychic/Fairy dual-type that was introduced to the franchise way back in Generation I. Inspired by real-life mime artists, Mr Mime is a humanoid Pokemon that uses its pantomime abilities both in battle and in its everyday life. This includes creating invisible objects and slapping people (and other Pokemon) that interupt its mime act. All of this makes it a very popular Pokemon, one which plenty of Pokemon GO players want to catch and collect. Here’s how to get Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO 2023.

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How to Get Mr. Mime Pokemon GO 2023
How to Get Mr. Mime Pokemon GO 2023

How to Get Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO 2023

Mr. Mime is one of several Pokemon – such as Tauros – that are region-locked. Specifically, it is exclusive to the region of Europe. This means that, while it is simple (if not exactly easy) enough to catch if you are currently residing in Europe, it is a whole matter entirely if you are living anywhere else in the world. So what is the solution here? Well, there are several ways you can get around this.

While the most obvious way is to visit Europe, we don’t need to elaborate why this is far from simple. The other thing you can do is to wait until there is an event that features Mr Mime. Though not common, these events open up such Pokemon to players all around the world. Finally, probably the most time-efficient method is to find a player that has Mr Mime in their collection and trade with them for it. None of these are ideal, but you are going to need to get Mr Mime if you want to earn the Platinum Kanto Medal.

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