Pokemon GO Worldwide Bloom Event Leaves Many Disappointed

The latest Pokemon GO event might just be the most underwhelming of all the events so far. It revolves around grass-type Pokemon, which should be spawning far more than usual However, many trainers have reported absolutely no change in the spawn rate, especially in urban and desert areas. However, they did still manage to make use of the increased lure module time.

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Pokemon GO Worldwide Bloom Event Leaves Many Disappointed
Pokemon GO Worldwide Bloom Event Leaves Many Disappointed

The Pokemon GO Worldwide Bloom event started on May 5th, and it ends on May 8th. It centers around grass-type Pokemon, and the update that introduced it was supposed to increase the spawns of all grass Pokemon. Unfortunately, it seems that it didn’t pan out as planned.

Soon after the event went live, many trainers started reporting that they weren’t noticing any increase. This seems especially true in urban and desert areas. Yes, grass Pokemon aren’t common in such areas, but that’s the whole point of such events – to let you catch Pokemon that aren’t common where you live. Still, it seems that whatever’s going on is hitting only specific biomes.

The second part of the event is the boost to lure module duration. While the event is live, they last a whole six hours. To be fair, all trainers have had access to this perk; so, it’s at least something. However, that won’t be much consolation for trainers that were looking forward to completing their Pokedex with grass Pokemon. The fact that this issue hit precisely the people that were supposed to benefit from it seems to have left a sour taste in many players’ mouths. Unfortunately, this might just be the most underwhelming Pokemon GO event to date.

What were your experiences with the Worldwide Bloom event? How many grass-type Pokemon did you manage to catch? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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