Lego Worlds Gets Sandbox Mode in New Update

Lego Worlds has been updated with new features and bug fixes. Version 1.1 adds a sandbox mode, UI changes, new content from a couple of sets and various improvements. Hopefully this is just the first in a long line of updates that will bring the game closer to what the fans seem to want. You can read the full patch notes below.

lego worlds sandbox mode

The sandbox mode will allow you to build as you please, with almost all bricks, tools and objects available from the start. Some of the rarest ones will still have to be unlocked in Adventure mode first, but most won’t. There’s no tutorial in it, so if you’re a new player, you should check out Adventure mode before you dive into this. The new content stems from Nexo Knights and City Emergency sets. The developers didn’t mention what it is exaclty they’ve added, but they’re promising this is not the end of content updates.

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As for the bug fixes… we’ll, there’s a lot of them:

  • Fixed instances that result in loss of Save Data (All Formats)
  • Added Galaxy Map to Front Menu on Console to allow players with full galaxy maps to delete worlds.
  • Fixed ‘Cannot Create Save Data’ Issue
  • Added ability to delete worlds from the galaxy map without having to load into game1
  • Fixed multiple instances of Worlds freezing around 95-98% loading.
  • Added Support for Early Access Worlds in Sandbox Mode (See Guide on Steam)
  • Improved Spawn balance for rarer discoveries
  • Improved underground lighting
  • Brick Build copying fixes instances of Door and Windows not being copied
  • Improved Starter World Camera Cuts
  • Added additional fixtures to Build Tool
  • Corrected aiming on Mouse for projectiles firing
  • Corrected instances of Quest Spawn points appearing before Quest Giver is available
  • Co-Op: Fixed instance of Player 2 buying extra hearts and losing them after travelling to a new World
  • Fixed several instances of the Narrator VO Looping when first triggered
  • Fixed Lantern Lighting
  • Fixed instances of PUG-Z stealing a shed
  • Fixed Billionaire Achievement no longer requiring a single sitting (Will retroactively unlock) (All Formats)
  • Fixed instances of PS4 UGC filters preventing Player 2 from being able to drop-in
  • Improved Brick Build Showcase Connection times.
  • Re-introduced Brick Particle FX to Terraforming Vehicles and landscape destruction
  • Improved Galaxy Map interactions and World Creation menus.
  • Fixed Jewel Thief quest allowing Dragon Wizard to be unlocked much easier
  • Fixed Multiple Crashes that occur in Online (Exiting Game, Reconnecting to Game, Loss of Network, Accepting Invite whilst Hosting a game).
  • Fixed Instance of game crashing when using Free-Build Copy Tool’s drag select and switching to normal gameplay
  • No longer able to jump out of rocket during takeoff or landing sequences
  • Fixed Swamp Crook Quests so it is no longer repeated and is considered complete
  • Added ability to skip cutscenes to Mouse
  • Increased Discovery Tool aiming tolerance
  • Fixed Translation Errors in all languages for missing text or character errors.
  • Additional Fixes made to Japanese Control inconsistencies
  • Fixed instances of Customiser Hair pieces being raised off the character head after wearing a hat.
  • Safe Zone Settings fixed on Console & Removed from PC (not needed)
  • Fixed Renaming Worlds
  • Traditional Chinese now Launches in Steam Client correctly.

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