How to Beat Noble Kleavor Pokemon Legends Arceus Lord of the Woods

Figuring out how to beat the Noble Kleavor Pokemon Legends Arceus Lord of the Woods boss can be a little tricky. After all, it’s the first boss battle that you’ll face. You’ll be scrambling, trying to suss out its move patterns and whatnot. Fortunately, there is a simple method that you can use to bring the boss down with minimal effort. So, let’s see how to defeat Noble Kleavor in Pokemon Legends Arceus, shall we?

how to beat noble kleavor pokemon legends arceus lord of the woods
How to Beat Noble Kleavor Pokemon Legends Arceus Lord of the Woods

How to Defeat Noble Kleavor Pokemon Legends Arceus Lord of the Woods

To defeat or beat the Noble Kleavor, Lord of the Woods boss in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you just need to throw Balms at it until the bar at the top of the screen is empty. You have infinite Forest Balms, so that’s not a concern at all. Now, the game will tell you that you should also throw a Pokemon at it when you create a hole in its defenses, but that’s completely unnecessary. It will more than likely one-shot the majority of your party, and if you do manage to emerge victorious, it will just stun the boss for a short amount of time. No, all you need to do is make it run into the giant tree in the middle of the arena.

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I’m serious. To beat aka defeat the Pokemon Legends Arceus Noble Kleavor Lord of the Woods boss, just make it run into the tree. Whenever you see it winding its charge attack up, get behind the tree. The boss will smack into the tree and stun itself for a few seconds, giving you ample time to chuck a bunch of Balms at it. Ignore the game telling you to throw a Pokemon in. Rinse and repeat until the battle is over. Even if Kleavor misses the tree, it’ll still need a second to recover from the charge, so keep flinging Balms. The Lord of the Woods will go down soon enough.

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