Search for Missing Eevee Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Search for Missing Eevee in Pokemon Legends Arceus is one of the steps in the Eevee’s Evolutions request. To complete it, you need to find where Floaro’s Pokemon has disappeared to. The only hint you have is that it could be somewhere in Galaxy Hall, or maybe somebody there knows its location. It’s a tricky quest, which is why we’ve put together this guide.

search for missing eevee pokemon legends arceus
Search for Missing Eevee Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to Find Missing Eevee Pokemon Legends Arceus

To find the missing Eevee in the Pokemon Legends Arceus Search for Missing Eevee step of the Eevee’s Evolutions request, you need to go back into Galaxy Hall. After all, that’s where Floaro points you to, and indeed, his friend is in the building. However, you can explore the place from top to bottom and not find a single Eevee. However, you will find an Umbreon on the second floor, in Sanqua’s office. As you probably know, that’s one of Eevee’s evolutions. Interact with the Umbreon, and boom, you’ve completed this step of the quest. The next one will be to feed the hungry guy by bringing a Jubilife Muffin. That wraps the quest up.

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So, that’s where you find the missing Eevee in the Pokemon Legends Arceus Search for Missing Eevee step of the Eevee’s Evolutions request. For those of you that haven’t found the side quest, or got stuck before this step, let me get you up to speed. You begin the mission by interacting with the blackboard on the ground floor of Galaxy Hall, the one near where Laventon is standing. Once you’ve done that, head out of the building and walk towards the village gates. Keep an eye on your right look for the building with the purple roof. Head through the first door of said building you come across, the one with a red sign. Inside, you’ll find Floaro, and the search for the Eevee will begin.

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