Buneary Location Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus has a huge number of new and old Pokemon to hunt, including favorites such as Buneary. Introduced in Generation IV, this Pokemon stands as one of the cutest in the whole Pokedex. With such a huge map, if Buneary is one of your favorites it can take a while to find him. Luckily, he is easy to catch once you do. Read on as we tell you how to catch Buneary in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Buneary Location Pokemon Legends Arceus
Buneary Location Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to Find Buneary Pokemon Legends Arceus

Buneary is a small rabbit-type Pokemon that first appeared in Generation IV. The easiest location in which to find Buneary is in the Obsidian Field Lands. Travel to the Heartwood and check the rivers and streams. The Buneary we caught was actually half-submerged in water, so keep your eyes open for their distinctive ear shapes.

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Numbering 64 in your Hisuian Pokedex, it is a normal type Pokemon. It is fast with a fairly high attack. Luckily for anyone catching it, it has a low defense and low hit points.

Where to Find Buneary Pokemon Legends Arceus
Where to Find Buneary Pokemon Legends Arceus

Buneary has three main abilities. Runaway allows the Pokemon to flee a battle. Klutz prevents Pokemon from using any held items. It has a hidden ability of Limber, which protects the Pokemon from paralysis. None of these should give you any trouble when you battle it.

As a normal type Pokemon, it is weak to fighting types. This means that Pokemon like Infernape, Lucario, and Gallade will do the most damage. It is also immune to damage from ghost-type Pokemon. Avoid battling it with Pokemon like Giratina, Dusknoir, and Basculegion.

Buneary will evolve into Lopunny. For this, you need a high friendship level. Luckily, it has a fast growth rate meaning it won’t take long if you give it the right circumstances.

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