Full Moon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The full moon in Pokemon Legends Arceus is important in several ways. For one, there are some Pokemon that can only evolve when it’s the full moon. On top of that, the phases of the moon are important for completing some research task. Fortunately, there are ways to check whether the full moon is out or not in Arceus, and we’ll list them out in this guide.

full moon in pokemon legends arceus
Full Moon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Know When is Full Moon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The only way to know when the full moon is out in Pokemon Legends Arceus is to wait until it’s dark and then spend a few minutes looking at the sky. That’s it. If it’s light outside, you can always visit your house in Jubilife Village or one of the many camps strewn across the map, then rest until evening. Wait a couple of minutes, then just look up. It’s easier to spot a full moon if you have a good vantage point, so try to either climb up a high spot or mount Braviary and fly.

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The trouble is that the weather can sometimes be cloudy, so there’s no way to visually assess the current moon phase. There is a workaround, which is admittedly a very long way around. Some Pokemon, like Ursaring, require the full moon to evolve. So, to know when it’s the full moon in Pokemon Legends Arceus, put Ursaring into your party and get a Peat Block, which is an item needed for it to turn into Ursaluna. Hover the cursor over the Peat Block, and if it says “compatible,” it’s the full moon. Again, long way around, but it works.

Knowing when the full moon is out is not important just because of evolution. It’s also necessary for certain research tasks. For example, there’s the Clefairy task called “Investigate Whether Clefairy Dance Under A Full Moon.” To complete it, you need to follow the objective marker to Coronet Highlands and then throw a Clefairy out and watch it dance in the full moon.

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  1. M

    A quick way to check if it’s a full moon out is by opening the map. in the top right corner it shows you the weather, and if its a full moon, a full circle will be shown

    1. J

      Good point!

    2. H

      That’s actually not true. I did a side quest requiring a full moon, and when I pulled up my map it only showed a crescent moon. The icon changes based on the time of day, so I think that icon is just to say it’s nighttime.

    3. K

      This isn’t true. The icon there shows day/night, not the moon cycle. You can only tell by looking at the moon directly.

    4. S

      This is false information. The map doesn’t give you what cycle of the moon is out. You only have morning, midday, evening, and nightfall. The symbol of the moon is just use for being that time of the night.

  2. C

    A little trick for the Full Moon, go to any camp and Rest until Midday and then Rest again to Nightfall, this seems to count as a “day” in game time, so you can just keep doing this until the moon is full.

    1. L
      LeShawn James

      Thank you so much! I was having trouble, but I tried this method and it worked for me.

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