Get Garchomp Kimono Set Code from Amazon Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you pre-ordered Pokemon Legends Arceus, then you may be waiting to get the Garchomp Kimono set code from Amazon. This is one of many mystery gifts the title has offered to early buyers. A Hisuian Growlithe promotion was available for all who bought in advance. However, the Garchomp Kimono had a very specific set of rules. Read on as we discuss how to get the Garchomp Kimono set code from Amazon.

Get Garchomp Kimono Set Code from Amazon Pokemon Legends Arceus
Get Garchomp Kimono Set Code from Amazon Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Get Garchomp Kimono Set Code from Amazon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Hisuian Growlithe Kimono promotion was a global offer. However, the Garchomp Kimono was only on offer to people in the US and Japan. To make matters more complicated, you also had to order from Amazon. This applied to both physical and digital versions.

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Amazon’s official word is that upon release on January 28, 2022, Amazon will email you a separate download code for the Garchomp Kimono Set. You will have until 4:59 PM PT on May 16, 2022, to redeem it. To get the product in the US, you had to travel to the product page on Amazon US. Hitting preorder now, you will have gone through checkout and processing. After this, you won’t have been charged until the game shipped.

At the time of writing, many people are reporting that their codes have not arrived. As the game is still rolling out, it may be a day or two until they turn up. The code comes from Amazon, so you may need to check all your folders, including junk and spam folders.  Anyone who ordered from Amazon Japan will also get the Arceus Pokemon Card.

Once you have the code, it needs redeeming. You can’t redeem any codes until you have clocked a set amount of game time, which is around two hours. Our guide here on how to redeem all the mystery gifts can help you out.

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  2. L

    I have no idea if I’m ever going to get it, but it was still in pre-order when I bought it, and it was just hours before they removed the promo image for the Garchomp set.

  3. T

    I just got the game today and still haven’t received my code, I ordered around Christmas and still nothing.

  4. J

    Assuming they ever send you the code. Still haven’t gotten mine.

  5. M

    I pre-ordered the game early and am still waiting on my code. Some people have it, but Amazon told me that the technical team is still working on it.

  6. P
    Paolo forteza

    Good morning this is paolo forteza and I really wanted to get garchomp kimono’s set code for Pokémon legend arceus mystery gifts serial codes

  7. C
    Cas Anny

    Just received word from Amazon and Nintendo about the garchomp kimono preorder codes. Not available. Amazon and Nintendo sent me back and forth between each other like an unwanted child in a divorce. The promotion is over so the codes are no longer available. For the customers that preorder for those outfits, too bad. You purchased early but won’t be getting what you paid for. Nintendo and Amazon will keep the money, sweep the mistake under the rug, and move on.
    Sorry for that mistake customers; thanks for your trust and money, but we can’t compensate you. Hopefully next time this won’t happen; no guarantees, though.

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