Get Goomy & Evolve to Hisuian Goodra Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you want to get Goomy and evolve it to Hisuian Goodra in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you’re in for a mini-adventure. For one, the Goomy spawn area is hard to reach. Then there’s the matter of how to evolve it all the way to Goodra. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the location of Goomy, where and how to catch Goomy, and what you need to do to evolve it.

get goomy & evolve to hisuian goodra pokemon legends arceus
Get Goomy & Evolve to Hisuian Goodra Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to Find Goomy in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To find and get Goomy in Pokemon Legends Arceus and evolve it into Hisuian Goodra, the first order of business is to play through the game until you unlock the map called Crimson Mirelands. Then, go to the camp called Bogbound Camp, way in the south of the region. Even further to the south from this camp is the area called Holm of Trials. If you open the map and look to the east of that area, you’ll see a tiny island in a small lake. That’s where we’re headed; that’s the location where to catch Goomy.

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where to find goomy pokemon legends arceus evolve hisuian goodra
Goomy spawn area (click to zoom in)

When you come to the river, you’ll either need to have Basculegion unlocked as a mount, or try and find a shallow, narrow part of the river that your Wyrdeer can jump over. I do recommend going the Basculegion, though. As for how to get Goomy, there are no special secrets – just do what you would with any other Pokemon.

How to Evolve Goomy to Sliggoo and Hisuian Goodra

To evolve Goomy to Sliggoo and Hisuian Goodra in Pokemon Legends Arceus, after you get one, you’re gonna have to grind some levels. Specifically, Goomy evolves into Sligoo when it hits level 40. Not automatically, though; you have to select it from the party menu, click “Evolve,” and confirm your selection. Simple. As for Goodra, your Sligoo needs to hit level 50 and it needs to be raining. If it’s not raining, just sleep the day away at a camp until it does. Go through the same evolution steps, and there you have it. The disgusting-yet-adorable snail-dragon is all yours.

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