Get Ralts Pokemon Legends Arceus

There are many players hoping to get Ralts in Pokemon Legends Arceus. A very versatile Pokemon, it becomes even more so as it evolves. As a psychic and fairy type, it has some very unique abilities. Luckily, there are a few areas you can find it in the game. Below, we give our essential guide on Ralts location in Legends Arceus.

Get Ralts Pokemon Legends Arceus
Get Ralts Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Get Ralts Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can not catch a Ralts until you unlock the second area on the map, the Crimson Mirelands. We found one south of Gapejaw Bog and to the left of the Holm of Trials.  Other than this you can try around the Shrouded Ruins location.

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How to Get Ralts Pokemon Legends Arceus
How to Get Ralts Pokemon Legends Arceus

The second area you can catch them is in the Alabaster Islands. Hearts Crag and Snowpoint Temple are areas to check. You can get on a mount and continue combing the area, going back to locations to see if new spawns may have occurred.

Ralts is a shy Pokemon that will bolt if encountered. It is best to dismount and sneak up on them carefully. Throw a Pokeball from behind when Ralts least expects it. You can try upgraded Pokeballs, but assuming you stay hidden and hit it from behind the double bonus should be enough.

How to Evolve Ralts in Pokemon Legends Arceus

There are quite a few options when it comes to evolving your Ralts. It will change into Kirlia at level 20. However, this last level needs to occur during the daytime.

Once you have a Kirlia, you can evolve to either a Gallade or Gardevoir. Gardevoir is a psychic and fairy-type Pokemon. To evolve into this, you need to level up to 30. Should you prefer the psychic fighting type Pokemon, Gallade, it is a little more complicated. For this, you need to have a male version of Kirlia and use the Dawn Stone on it.

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