Get Trade Evolutions Without Trading Pokemon Legends Arceus

Trading has always been one of the most important mechanics in practically every Pokemon video game to date. This is because trading is the only to make certain Pokemon evolve. However, while it can undoubtedly be fun to trade Pokemon with your friends, several problems can arise from this. The biggest one is – what to do if none of your friends have also bought the same Pokemon game as you have. Luckily, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has finally managed to solve this issue. In this Get Trade Evolutions Without Trading Pokemon Legends Arceus guide, we will be taking a look at how this change works.

Get Trade Evolutions Without Trading Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Get Trade Evolutions Without Trading in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Now, this is a considerably different process than Trading Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. In fact, to get trade evolutions without trading, all you need is a specific item. The item in question is the Linking Cord. There are two ways to obtain this item. You can either get it by turning in Merit Points at the Trading Post in Jubilife Village, or by completing the “Getting to Know Ghosts” Request, for which you will receive the Linking Cord as a reward.

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Trading Post location.

The Linking Cord works just like trading for the purposes of evolving a Pokemon. Here is a list of all the Pokemon that you can use the Linking Cord on to evolve: Graveler (evolves into Golem), Kadabra (evolves into Alakazam), Haunter (evolves into Gengar), and Machop (evolves into Machoke). To do this, select this item and then one of these Pokemon to use it on, and they will then evolve. Note that having a Linking Cord in your possession does not prohibit you from trading Pokemon to get them to evolve the old-fashioned way. It’s simply a new method that you can also use if you currently don’t have access to anyone that you can trade with.

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