How to Save in Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you need to know how to save in Pokemon Legends Arceus, we’ve got you covered. We’ll explain the two ways you can save, how autosaving works, whether or not the game supports cloud saving, and whether you can have multiple saves. All of these points are fairly simple, all things considered, but they do have their little stumbling blocks. So, let’s dive in.

how to save in pokemon legends arceus
How to Save in Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Save in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To save in Pokemon Legends Arceus, there are two systems that you can use. The first one is to enable autosaves, which we’ll cover in more detail in the next section. The second is to use manual saving, which will probably be one of your best friends in the game. If you need to save your progress manually, press Up on the d-pad and then scroll to the save screen by pressing ZL or ZR. It’s pretty simple from there; I think you can handle it on your own.

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Autosaving in Pokemon Legends Arceus Explained

Autosaving in Pokemon Legends Arceus is fairly simple. First off, you need to make sure that it’s enabled. Just go into the Help screen and select “Settings.” In the Settings menu and scroll down until you find “Autosave,” then flip the “switch” to “enabled.” That’s all there is to it. From then on, every time the game makes an autosave, you’ll see a little “Now saving” message in the top right corner. When the words disappear, the saving process is over. This happens in several different situations, such as leaving buildings and the like.

Does Pokemon Legends Arceus Support Cloud Saving

To the best of our knowledge, Legends Arceus does not support cloud saving. I don’t think there’s been a single Pokemon game that does. Apparently, this is to prevent potential hacks and Pokemon duplication and whatnot. Maybe that’s going to change; maybe the developers will add cloud saves somewhere down the line. We’re going to update the guide if that does end up being the case.

Can You Have Multiple Save Files in Pokemon Legends Arceus

No; as far as we can tell, you can’t have multiple save files in Pokemon Legends Arceus. If you want to start a new adventure, you’ll have to delete your current save. It’s not exactly the optimal situation to be in, but what can you do. We might be wrong about this, and we’ll be sure to update the guide if that’s the case. For know, however, we’re fairly certain you can only have one save file.

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  1. V
    Victor Quince

    How do I delete my save data profile?

  2. D
    Derrick McMahon

    Having played Pokémon Arceus on day of release cloud save is NOT supported but if like me you play on more than one Switch in a household there is a way around this. You can transfer save data from one device to another via data management. The save file can only be on ONE device at a time but it is relatively simple and quick do.

  3. E
    Elizabeth Kronsted

    Just to comment that on normal pokemon games no cloud data can be saved. However, both Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon do have the ability to cloud save.

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