How to Change Appearance Pokemon Legends Arceus Outfits

At the start of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you get to make your player character. Of course, this involves customizing what that avatar will look like. Since this is a character that we will be looking at for the rest of the game, it’s very important that we like their appearance. Luckily, we have the option to change this if we are not happy with how our player character’s outfit and hairstyle. We’re going to explain both of these in our How to Change Appearance Pokemon Legends Arceus Outfits guide.

How to Change Appearance Pokemon Legends Arceus Outfits

How to Change Appearance Pokemon Legends Arceus Outfits

Changing your appearance in Pokemon Legends: Arceus works somewhat differently than it does in Pokemon BDSP. In that game, you could only select complete outfits, while in Legends: Arceus, these are divided into tops, bottoms, and hats and masks. There are several ways you can change your outfits, but you first need to purchase these. You can do this at the Clothier shop in Jubilife Village. We’ve marked that location in the screenshot below.

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Before buying anything, you will be able to see what these outfits look like on your character. This is the first place you can change your outfits. The second place where you can change your appearance is at your living quarters. Go in and stand in front of the mirror there, and you will get that option.

How to Change Hairstyles Pokemon Legends Arceus Character Customization

Like the clothing options, hairstyle customization is also expanded from how it worked in Pokemon BDSP. Instead of just the hair, you will be able to change the hairdo, hair color, and eyebrow color. Needless to say, this gives you a lot of customization options. To change these, go to the Hairdresser at Jubilife Village. Getting your hair (and eyebrows) done will cost you 500 Pokedollars. Simply talk to the hairdresser in front of the shop there, and you will initiate this process. Lastly, after giving you a makeover, the Hairdresser will ask you whether or not you want to wear your hat or leave it off.

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