Oshawott Evolution to Hisuian Samurott in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Oshawott evolution to Hisuian Samurott in Pokemon Legends Arceus is fairly simple process, but there are some minor pitfalls you might run into. After all, any Pokemon game can be somebody’s first, and Arceus in particular shakes the formula up in big ways. So, in this guide, we’ll explain how to evolve Oshawott to Dewott and Hisuian Samurott, as well as how to get Oshawott.

oshawott evolution to hisuian samurott in pokemon legends arceus
Oshawott Evolution to Hisuian Samurott in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Oshawott Evolution to Dewott and Hisuian Samurott in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The evolution of Oshawott to Dewott and Hisuian Samurott in Pokemon Legends Arceus is incredibly simple. You just need to keep leveling it up. At level 17, Oshawott can evolve into Dewott. Keep going from there, and when it gets to level 36, you’ll unlock the option for it to evolve into the Hisuian Samurott. Mind you, this won’t happen on its own. Instead, you need to go into the menu, highlight Oshawott / Dewott, and then select Evolve. Only then will you trigger the process. I know some of you have probably figured this out by now, but we have to cover all our bases here. But, yeah, that’s all there is to it.

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How to Get Oshawott in Pokemon Legends Arceus

There are two ways to get Oshawott in Pokemon Legends Arceus, and then proceed with the evolution to Dewott and Hisuian Samurott. Well, three, if you count taking it as a starter Pokemon at the beginning. If you don’t, then you can either visit space-time distortions and hope an Oshawott spawns, or you can talk to professor Laventon in Galaxy Hall after completing the main story. He’ll give you both starter Pokemon that you didn’t take at the beginning. We talk about all this in detail in our guide titled How to Get Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus, so give that a read if you need more info.

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