Release Multiple Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Learning how to release multiple Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus at once is a great time saver. It lets you leave your accrued Pokemon at pastures without having to go through them one by one. Considering how often you’re going to be doing this, you’ll want to get to this mechanic as soon as possible. However, the game won’t let you release more than one Pokemon at the beginning. What is one to do? Well, let’s find out.

release multiple pokemon in pokemon legends arceus
Release Multiple Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Release Multiple Pokemon at Once in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To release multiple Pokemon at once in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you first have to unlock the option. How do you do that? Turns out, you have to play the game until you fill up four Pastures, aka four boxes, as a lot of people seem to be calling them. After you do that, talk to one of the pasture NPCs (Marie in Jubilife Village, Agnes in Jubeldorf, etc.) and they’ll let you know that you can now release multiple Pokemon at the same time. It’s not an ideal system; I really wish they gave us the ability from the start, but what can you do?

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how to release multiple pokemon at once in pokemon legends arceus
Press X when you unlock the option

So, that’s how you unlock the option to release multiple Pokemon at once in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but how do you actually do it? Simple. Head to one of the pastures and talk to the attendant. When you get to the screen where you select which Pokemon you want to release, hit X. From there, you can select all the Pokemon you want to get rid off with the A button. When you’re ready, press X again to complete the process. That’s all there is to it. If you need help with anything else in the game, check out our growing list of Pokemon Legends Arceus guides. Among others, we’ve got articles like Oshawott Evolution to Hisuian Samurott, Catch Enamorus and How to Get Tumblestones.

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