Petilil Location Pokemon Legends Arceus

Finding a Petilil location in Pokemon Legends Arceus can be a bit of an issue. Nothing too major, but still. Basically, the main potential problem is figuring out where to find a Petilil. This is compounded by the fact that some of their spawn areas are very difficult to reach without the right mount. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the matter, shall we?

petilil location pokemon legends arceus
Petilil Location Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to Find Petilil in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To find a Petilil location in Pokemon Legends Arceus, there are two areas that you can look for it in. At least, there are two that we know of; those of you that have found it in other places, let us know in the comments. Both of our locations are on the map called Crimson Mirelands. The first area is in the east, called Cottonsedge Prairie, and the other is way south, in Holm of Trials. We’ve marked both places in the screenshots below. In Cottonsedge, we found a bunch of them in a large patch of cotton, and in Holm of Trials, they’re just north of the letter T on the map. Again, consult the images below to see where to go.

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So, if you’re looking for a Petilil location in Pokemon Legends Arceus, those are two places to go. Mind you, both of these areas require you to cross a river to get to, so you’ll need to have Basculegion unlocked as a mount through the main story to reach them. There is a chance to make the jump with Wyrdeer, but you have to be very careful. I recommend waiting until you get access to Basculegion. As for why you need the Petilil, aside from completing the Pokedex, it’s also the integral part of the Find Pokemon With Three Leaves request. You get this quest from old lady Anise in Jubilife Village. Click the link to read about the quest in detail.

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    Actually, you don’t need Basculegion. If you go around Lake Valor, you can get to Cottonsedge Prairie on foot. Basculegion does cut down on the travel time.

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      Thank you. Saved me a lot of frustration.

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